Sep 10

Time Machine Monopoly

We all know the famous ‘Monopoly’ game.
Now we gotta make our own.


First thing we have to do is to name it, I mean name everything in our version of this game.
Title, Street names, Railways (in this case I would name them as space stations),


I talked with my friend about this project, we figured out some fresh ideas about how the icons should be looked like.

Here’s the final look of the icons.

As you could tell, the Go icon comes from the word ‘G’, and it looks like the time travel tunnel.
The police icon I made it looks like a future police officer.
Time Airlines (The train) should be a UFO for sure, maybe cuter.
Future Electric Source I used the lighting sign but made it more abstract.
Water Source is a water drop.
Freeze (Stop for one turn) sign should means ‘Pause’ while time traveling.
And the Treasure Donate would probably be the diamond.


Here’s final look of my ‘Time Machine Monopoly’.

Designed for education purpose only.

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