Jan 16

胜者巍王the Winner takes it all — 王巍励志健美写真Wang Wei Photo Book

I was honored to sign a contract with Trends Book, which is the big boss of Chinese magazine media-Trends Group in Janurary 15, 2014. The mainland Chinese version of my book will be published authoritatively and distributed by its powerful marketing experience. This is recognition not only for Mr. Wang Wei, but me and my photo work.

When I quit from Baidu in 2009 and started to think about my own business—daxpix studio, I was confused that how could I skip the long warming up and jump into Photography field as totally a layman? Then I solved the puzzle by getting to know mr. Wang Wei. And his story which inspired me was the chief reason I published the photo book .
Before he became the champion of bodybuilder, he once played as a football player, when he got an accident resulting in disability, muscle atrophy. However he survived, by exercising his muscles, which led him to his success. He was not satisfied with the status, wanted to be a movie star. Also at this time, we met each other to accomplish the book.

From the first shot in 2009 to 2013, a totally 12 shots of 5 summer, 1 fall, 2 cities and 8 scenes. This is my very first Photo Book, which not only to Mr. Wang Wei quickly perceived in the entertainment industry, also allowed me successfully into the well-known photographer field.

Promotion video of 2011 publishing in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore

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