Jan 03

艺勇雄心Bravart — 郭艺勇写真集Guo Yi Yong Photo Book

Bravart – title of Guo Yi Yong Photo Book – came from his name, after one day we done the photoshoot in Beijing.

Being a 26 years old champion of 2013 Asian Bodybuilding Contest in Hong Kong, Guo Yi Yong is way too young for a successful bodybuilder. Yi Yong, in Chinese charactor, means Art and Bravery, which probably made him a person with courage to show his full frontal to the world.

The Photo Book of Guo Yi Yong will be released in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan, at the date of March 15, 2014.

Promotion video of 2014 publishing in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore.

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