Oct 29

照片和照片杂志 Photography and Photomags

Being in the internet industry for such a long time, which never changed my motivation and love to the creation of still and motion picture. I love magazines for the emotional feeling of its beautiful photos printed on slight paper, I love movies for its characters live a life that one will never have in reality.

I always lack of passion for commercial photography. Probably because the limitation of my creation, or because of the environment that I stay. It just make me feel no value as a photography. I admit that in somewhere commercial photography could make a huge profit, but for my perspective, it’s nothing about passion but a job for photographer. What truly catch me is from self-awareness, emotional creations.

When I was a little child I realized that nude body is the most perfect art in the world. Especially when it’s in the natural environment, under the sun blending with the surrounding. Sometime the unexpectedly capture of the moments, could easily tell a beautiful story. As we always said, there is no perfect picture, only perfect moment.

2009年夏天,和几个好朋友共同完成的创作:Rehab. 这是一个照片故事,讲述两个人之间微妙的关系变化。
This is a story about Rehab.



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