Oct 03

美空超级美女榜 第五季 MOKO Top Girl Season 5

MTG 背景 Background of MOKO TOP GIRL(MTG)

MTG was the most successful brand of MOKO since it was launched in 2008. From season 1 to 4, MTG attracted many eyes and fans as photos of top girls. The popularity of MOKO and it’s download rate increased at a rapid pace. Yet since it came to the year 2010, with the rise of Kaixin (China Facebook) and Weibo (China Twitter), MOKO had suffered quite a lot from it.

I tool the job as CEO of MOKO in late 2011, One thing that I did during my tenure which was the biggest and most successful was the MTG season 5 live show. The reason why I insist doing it was because electing the top girls, this kind of show, would attract those who once our users but left for other platform returning back. And base on which will benefit everything including gaining more users and earning profits.

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主办方 Organizers

Sanya Yanoda forest area, QQ.com, QQ video, Trends China, dream come true music, D2C communications Japan, SS-Media Korea.

数据和信息 Data and Infos

120,000 participants, 22 final winners to attend the reality TV show.

The show provided 8 episodes in 2 months.

1. 主题曲 《美梦成真》
Theme Song: Dream Come True by MOKO TOP GIRLS

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2. 视频(宣传片)Video Promo

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3. 主视觉设计 Website design

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4. 广告设计 Ad

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