Mar 17

数码后期演示 Digital Retouching demos

17 celebrities were invited for this shoot. For some reasons, they could not make it at exactly the same time showing up on the set. So we had to discuss a possible solution. I firstly took a photo of only empty scene, and drew on the photo everyone’s accurate position, until the editor agreed my script.
The shooting started from 7 am, with the camera stayed at one location, I took seperately as they came one after another, and put the best act of each to a whole one picture.

完稿 the Final Version

人物合成Demo Digital Retouching Demo (包括拍摄方案 including script)

This project needs a series of HOT photos in summer, however, we did the shooting in March. When it was even snowing a little bit.

拍摄现场 On the Set

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