Sep 09

然而,多年过去了…… 打工仔是没办法一心二用的,所以直到2009年我离开百度,daxpix才正式成立。
I registered the domain name in March 18, 2004.
It didn’t come out an absolute idea of what I can do with the website, so I only purchased the domain, and put on a ‘coming soon’ kind of picture on the homepage. Nevertheless, years passed. It turns out that I would never get 2 things done well at the same time. So the studio didn’t officially establish until the year 2009 when I left Baidu.

I tried to look back what I’ve done years ago, I realized my progress from 2004 till now. I finished the design in 2009, however if you visit online, you will find out it is not complicated. Yes, I got rid of some elements not so necessary for now, and only kept the main part. (Click here to visit

2009年的设计 The design finished in 2009

Let me take you back to the old days…

p.s. 2004年的临时首页 Temporary homepage in 2004

2005年的临时首页 Temoporary homepage in 2005

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