Aug 03

有啊卡通形象设计 Youa Avatar Design

The idea and design of Youa Avatar came from the shopping bag. This was why we call it DouDou as an easily remembered name. And the boy was MaiDou(which means buying), the girl was MaiDou(which means selling). Because the idea was super easy and clear, designers quickly built up demos of DouDou.

设计测试 DEMOs


3 designers were working at this project, I believe you can tell the difference of them:
1. Position of the rope of the shopping bag.
2. Whether to keep the visible foot of the shopping bag.
3. The characteristic. (like gradient color)

最终版 The final design

The basic design of DouDou was made by designer Wang BingDi. The 3D versions made by Lv JiaJia, and the animations made by He Jian. By getting rid of feet, changing the rope as front and back, the final version was pure and clear.

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