Dec 18

演讲 Presentations

The branding of Sina had become old and outdated, before the year I left, I came up this idea, and submitted this plan to Ms. Du Hong, who was the vice president of Sina, also in charge of the marketing department. (She is COO of Sina right now)

2、在设计团队内部做用户体验培训 及设计交流

I’ve made several presentations, such as:
1. New type of WebAds’ recommendation for agencies
2. Training of User Experience inside the designing team
3. Creativities Sharing with other teams in the company

2007年 新浪品牌成长计划 2007 Sina Branding Developing Plan

2006年4月22日 创意分享会 Creativities Sharing in April 22, 2006.

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