Jun 09

章子怡官方网站设计@新浪 Official Website of Zhang ZIYI @Sina

Before telling the whole story, I recommend this beautiful screen saver which provided in 2004 launching of the official website. And it still works, is it wonderful? :)

It was late 2003 that I met Ms. Zhang ZiYi, from when the cooperation started between Sina marketing and Ms. Zhang ZiYi. I still remember my exciting feeling the first time when I saw her. Because many years ago, in my college, I’ve fell in love with the strong and tough girl in the movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon by Ann Lee. For me it was like dream came true.

Design of the website based on the conclusion of meeting with Zhang’s Team. All she want was a unique website that totally convey her characteristic. I said you are from Asia, but you’ve got the whole world like you, just because you are oriental. She agreed, and thus I used a lot oriental elements such as ancient Chinese character, traditional Chinese pattern, meanwhile the website remained international.


一个小故事:章子怡小姐的海外经纪人Ling Ling女士曾质疑,为何设计中将章子怡小姐的头顶切掉,而保留肩部?为何不留下完整的头部?我的回答是:电影中对人物特写镜头取景时,多用此构图方式。为此我们小有争执,但现在看来,我的坚持是对的。
Here’s a mini story during the project. Lady Ling Ling who’s the international manager of Ms. Zhang ZiYi, questioned the design part of the website about cutting Ms. Zhang’s head and remained her shoulder. She said “Why didn’t you just give her a whole head with hair?” And my answer was loud and clear: That is how a cinematographer would do when shooting a close up scene in a movie. We had a little fight about this, but now, I am happy that I was right.

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2003年12月5日 和章子怡小姐在《十面埋伏》片场
Ms. Zhang ZiYi and I, in the movie studio of House of Flying Daggers. Dec 5, 2003

2006年1月1日 和章子怡小姐在章子男先生的婚礼上
Ms. Zhang ZiYi and I, in her brother, Mr. Zhang ZiNan’s wedding. Jan 1, 2006.

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