Nov 11

Marble Mighty Mixer!

‘Marble Mixer’ is an iPad game for 2-4 players throwing balls to the center, and get higher scores.
We are going to design our own version of ‘Marble Mixer’, which should follow the design rules on iPad.


I named mine version as ‘Marble Mighty Mixer’, and I used elements from 3 different games.
I designed the layout, renamed and redesigned the logos,
also I added three ‘Go’ buttons so that will be more clear to click on.

Here’s what it look like for a splash page.

Designed for education purpose only.

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Sep 10

Time Machine Monopoly

We all know the famous ‘Monopoly’ game.
Now we gotta make our own.


First thing we have to do is to name it, I mean name everything in our version of this game.
Title, Street names, Railways (in this case I would name them as space stations),


I talked with my friend about this project, we figured out some fresh ideas about how the icons should be looked like.

Here’s the final look of the icons.

As you could tell, the Go icon comes from the word ‘G’, and it looks like the time travel tunnel.
The police icon I made it looks like a future police officer.
Time Airlines (The train) should be a UFO for sure, maybe cuter.
Future Electric Source I used the lighting sign but made it more abstract.
Water Source is a water drop.
Freeze (Stop for one turn) sign should means ‘Pause’ while time traveling.
And the Treasure Donate would probably be the diamond.


Here’s final look of my ‘Time Machine Monopoly’.

Designed for education purpose only.

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Jan 16

胜者巍王the Winner takes it all — 王巍励志健美写真Wang Wei Photo Book

I was honored to sign a contract with Trends Book, which is the big boss of Chinese magazine media-Trends Group in Janurary 15, 2014. The mainland Chinese version of my book will be published authoritatively and distributed by its powerful marketing experience. This is recognition not only for Mr. Wang Wei, but me and my photo work.

When I quit from Baidu in 2009 and started to think about my own business—daxpix studio, I was confused that how could I skip the long warming up and jump into Photography field as totally a layman? Then I solved the puzzle by getting to know mr. Wang Wei. And his story which inspired me was the chief reason I published the photo book .
Before he became the champion of bodybuilder, he once played as a football player, when he got an accident resulting in disability, muscle atrophy. However he survived, by exercising his muscles, which led him to his success. He was not satisfied with the status, wanted to be a movie star. Also at this time, we met each other to accomplish the book.

From the first shot in 2009 to 2013, a totally 12 shots of 5 summer, 1 fall, 2 cities and 8 scenes. This is my very first Photo Book, which not only to Mr. Wang Wei quickly perceived in the entertainment industry, also allowed me successfully into the well-known photographer field.

Promotion video of 2011 publishing in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore

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Jan 03

艺勇雄心Bravart — 郭艺勇写真集Guo Yi Yong Photo Book

Bravart – title of Guo Yi Yong Photo Book – came from his name, after one day we done the photoshoot in Beijing.

Being a 26 years old champion of 2013 Asian Bodybuilding Contest in Hong Kong, Guo Yi Yong is way too young for a successful bodybuilder. Yi Yong, in Chinese charactor, means Art and Bravery, which probably made him a person with courage to show his full frontal to the world.

The Photo Book of Guo Yi Yong will be released in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan, at the date of March 15, 2014.

Promotion video of 2014 publishing in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore.

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Oct 29

照片和照片杂志 Photography and Photomags

Being in the internet industry for such a long time, which never changed my motivation and love to the creation of still and motion picture. I love magazines for the emotional feeling of its beautiful photos printed on slight paper, I love movies for its characters live a life that one will never have in reality.

I always lack of passion for commercial photography. Probably because the limitation of my creation, or because of the environment that I stay. It just make me feel no value as a photography. I admit that in somewhere commercial photography could make a huge profit, but for my perspective, it’s nothing about passion but a job for photographer. What truly catch me is from self-awareness, emotional creations.

When I was a little child I realized that nude body is the most perfect art in the world. Especially when it’s in the natural environment, under the sun blending with the surrounding. Sometime the unexpectedly capture of the moments, could easily tell a beautiful story. As we always said, there is no perfect picture, only perfect moment.

2009年夏天,和几个好朋友共同完成的创作:Rehab. 这是一个照片故事,讲述两个人之间微妙的关系变化。
This is a story about Rehab.

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Oct 03

美空超级美女榜 第五季 MOKO Top Girl Season 5

MTG 背景 Background of MOKO TOP GIRL(MTG)

MTG was the most successful brand of MOKO since it was launched in 2008. From season 1 to 4, MTG attracted many eyes and fans as photos of top girls. The popularity of MOKO and it’s download rate increased at a rapid pace. Yet since it came to the year 2010, with the rise of Kaixin (China Facebook) and Weibo (China Twitter), MOKO had suffered quite a lot from it.

I tool the job as CEO of MOKO in late 2011, One thing that I did during my tenure which was the biggest and most successful was the MTG season 5 live show. The reason why I insist doing it was because electing the top girls, this kind of show, would attract those who once our users but left for other platform returning back. And base on which will benefit everything including gaining more users and earning profits.

在线查看 View the online website now

主办方 Organizers

Sanya Yanoda forest area,, QQ video, Trends China, dream come true music, D2C communications Japan, SS-Media Korea.

数据和信息 Data and Infos

120,000 participants, 22 final winners to attend the reality TV show.

The show provided 8 episodes in 2 months.

1. 主题曲 《美梦成真》
Theme Song: Dream Come True by MOKO TOP GIRLS

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

2. 视频(宣传片)Video Promo

view promo video

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Aug 22

美空的设计 Design in MOKO

I joined MOKO with my studio, working as a title of Visual Director. Which means I had to take care of not only Photos and Videos, but the product design of MOKO – User Interface Design part.
Here are some samples of my design works:

界面设计方案 User Interface Design Demo

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Jun 26

Monika, the ONLY girl.

One day shooting with Monika, a super talented model from Poland. And DingDing, a super nice girl from ONLY, who managed the clothing for the whole shooting process.

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Apr 25

美空新面孔 MOKO NewFace Videos

In the year 2010, when I joined MOKO with my studio, I created a series interview video called NewFace, as a product of MOKO. And it was very good, especially on helping the new models and actress getting job oppotinuties.

The videos are showing on MOKO, also on Here are samples of them.

Antonio Anuk
来自意大利,酷似超人的新人模特Antonio。Came from Italy, super looks like Superman.

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Apr 05

《男士健康》牛仔天书 Men’s Health – Let’s talk about jeans.


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